I am Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D. I received my doctorate in Educational Leadership with a specialization in technology from the University of Delaware.. Over the past 25 + years, I served a variety of roles. 

I started my career in the field of psychology. I received my BA in Psychology from Stockton College (now known as Stockton University). I then received my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley College (now known as Lesley University). My career in the field started as a manager of an emergency shelter for adolescents, then an adolescent and family therapist, and a case worker for adolescents and developmentally disabled adults. 

As I worked with the developmentally disabled, I saw technology's influence on communications. I was getting certified as a school psychologist in California when I became more interested in technology. I also felt I didn't want to spend my days testing students. At that time, I decided to leave the field and start a new career in technology. I took a position in technical support for a software company (Research Information Systems) that specialized in software for researchers (Reference Manager). Since I had done a good deal of research in undergraduate and graduate studies, I appreciated how this software could assist in maintaining a database of references. I quickly moved from their technical department to becoming their director of international sales. This opportunity allowed me to travel the world working with software dealers and conducting training for these vendors. Upon my return from a trip to Japan, I received word that the company had been sold to a company (ISS, a part of Thomas Publishing) in Philadelphia. I was transferred to Philadelphia to join the transition team between the two companies.

I became restless after working for a small startup and moving to a large company. At this time, my 3-year-old son got me interested in working with children again. I thought, "How can I combine my interest in technology and working with children?" I went back and got my teacher certification in New Jersey. I started as a computer teacher, became a technology coordinator, and then returned to the classroom as a social studies teacher. I also served as an educational consultant, trainer, and adjunct professor. I have presented at over 25 national education and educational technology conferences during this time.


Alan Taylor

About Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D.


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