Since the introduction of computers into schools there has been a great deal of discussion of what defines technology integration. The real issue, however, may not be what is and is not integration but rather how to understand the varying levels of integration in different settings.
Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D.
Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D. Educational Consultant
No Textbook. Basically, he uses his own version of Blackboard. I had him on Saturdays. He values participation and a very hands-on class. One final project with the presentation. He will help with anything. Nice guy and very helpful. I would take it again (even on Saturday.)
Student Review
Student Review Student - Stockton University
In preparing our students, when looking at mastery learning, incorporating numerous instructive materials, is it just a method of memorizing a specific set of materials rather then truly learning? And in so mastering of concepts are we truly promoting learning? In our methodology, we have trained not educated students. Students become disseminators of sound-bites of information without any knowledge beyond the simple yes or no answer or choice between A, B, C, or D. In being so focused on standardized testing to measure what students know we have turned students from learners into products.
Philosophy of Teaching
Philosophy of Teaching
Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D.
Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant

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Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D. received his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership with a specialization in technology. Over the past 25+ years, Dr. Taylor has served a variety of roles throughout the year. Starting as a computer teacher, then moving to technology coordinator, and then returning to the classroom as a social studies teacher. He has also served as an educational consultant, trainer, and adjunct professor. In this time, he has presented at over 25 conferences around the country.
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