Listed below are comments from various evaluations and observations:

"Dr. Taylor demonstrated an understanding of diverse learners by meeting individually with any student who needed assistance. He also builds in formative assessment checks to conference with students throughout each 'quest'."

"Dr. Taylor plans according to pacing, content mastery, and application of knowledge. The sequencing of the lesson is largely student-driven, as is the pace (within reason) that students proceed through their quest."

"During student "quest" activities, Dr. Taylor plans for differentiation through self-paced activities and individual student conferences where students receive assistance with specific tasks and skills they are struggling with. In addition, challenge activities are built in for higher performing students that are tied to rewards in ClassCraft."

"The use of online learning and research, small group discussion, graphic organizers, and individually paced tasks demonstrate a variety of instructional strategy
and best practices."

"Dr. Taylor has educated himself to a high level in the use of ClassCraft, online learning, and integration of technology for student learning.  
All of 
which were on display during this lesson."

"Dr. Taylor used the Plickers game as a pre-assessment so that students, parents, and he as the teacher could be aware of what the students know (or not know) when starting the unit. This information can be used later to guide instruction, monitor progress, and set goals."

"This entire lesson was a model in the use of higher level thinking skills for debate, reasoning, and use of evidence. Excellent!"

"The prodigious amount of student participation in the debate as well as their readily apparent motivation to participate demonstrates Dr. Taylor's understanding of the students' developmental levels."

"Based on the lesson content and sequence of instructional activities the teacher: 1. addressed relevant curriculum standards. 2. demonstrated an accurate, current, and deep knowledge of the subject matter. 3. exhibited pedagogical skills relevant to teaching Social Studies 4. based instruction on goals that reflect high expectations."

"The instructional sequence and evidence listed under standard 3 demonstrate that the teacher: 1. plans accordingly for pacing, content mastery, and application of knowledge; 2. aligns lesson objectives to curriculum and student learning needs.; 3. develops appropriate course, unit, and daily plans, and adapts when needed."

"Dr. Taylor did a great job infusing high level Social Studies and ELA standards into his lesson. He also continues to bring interesting technology into the classroom - this time in the form of classroom management. His use of technology is innovative, and is a great motivator for students."

"Awesome discussion about not knowing all of the answers but historians use all of the available information to make the best possible educated guesses. Discussion with examples (i.e. bridges). Excellent connections made with different sections of the USA and use of natural resources. Students connection of Socratic method to cause and effect graphic organizer and teacher's follow-up of the flow of history."


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