What does education mean to you? Is it about test scores? Is it about higher-level thinking? Your philosophy of education will determine the way you teach. Haven't given it much thought? Maybe now is the time.

Educational Consultant

Since the introduction of computers into schools, there has been much discussion of what defines technology integration. The real issue, however, may not be what is and is not integration but how to understand the varying levels of integration in different settings.


No Textbook. Basically, he uses his own version of Blackboard. I had him on Saturdays. He values participation and a very hands-on class. One final project with the presentation. He will help with anything. Nice guy and very helpful. I would take it again (even on Saturday.) - Stockton University Student

About Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D.

Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D. received his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.


I am Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D. I received my doctorate in Educational Leadership with a specialization in technology. Over the past 25 + years, I served a variety of roles. 

I started my career in the field of psychology. I received my BA in Psychology from Stockton College (now known as Stockton University). I then received my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley College (now known as Lesley University). My career started as a manager of an emergency shelter for adolescents, a therapist, and a case worker for adolescents and developmentally disabled adults. 

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Over the years, I've had many opportunities to offer training, workshops, and presentations.  My primary focus has been related to educational technology. Also, I have emphasized a focus on a student-centered, project-based learning experience and for teachers to be more of a guide than a lecturer. 


A focus of my doctoral work included the use of Moodle for integrating technology into the classroom. Therefore, it is no surprise that I've presented the benefits of Moodle at numerous conferences. I've also conducted numerous trainings from beginners to more experienced users on setting up and running one in your classroom

Flipping the Classroom

If you want to put your students to sleep in the classroom, all you have to do is stand up in front of the class and lecture to them all period. A better way to do it is to have the students prepare at home and come into class ready to jump into action. 


I've always believed that storytelling is the best way for people to remember. As a social studies teacher, I focused on students learning to be good storytellers.  My experience led me to conduct presentations and trainings on the technology tools available for students to tell their stories. I worked with teachers in all subject areas to teach them how they could use storytelling in their classrooms.

Using Gaming in the Classroom

Students love gaming. Adding gaming into your classroom makes learning fun and the learning experience alive. Imagine having fun while learning!

Comic Book Series - Technology Through the Ages

This comic book series looks at technology dating back to ancient times. We often think how far advanced we are compared to hundreds or thousands of years ago. Join EB and Indy as they explore these technologies.

Online Trainings and Tutorials

Do you want to learn how to use technology in your classroom? Whether it's how to use Moodle or how to create your lessons to share with your students, Technology in Education Online offers support online, by video conference, or in person.

Lessons to Share

Are you looking for lessons to share with your students? Technology in Education Online is working on a variety of projects that are available for download to enhance your students learning experience.

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Nothing is worse than attempting to bring new ideas into your classroom and not being heard when seeking assistance. The crucial part is to clearly understand what you're looking for in the first meeting, in person or by video conference. Make sure you are being heard and not just offered some cookie-cutter approach. And remember, your first meeting is free!

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