When it comes to computers, I'm asked, "What should I look for when buying a computer?" My usual response is to ask, "What will you be using your computer for?" This is where things can get a little more complicated. Many times, I hear that a powerful computer isn't needed. This brings me back to the days when I built customized computers for educators. As stated, the premise was that not much was done with a computer.  But then people would explain they only need a laptop for school work, including wanting to do some video editing. I would then explain when working with video, you need to keep two things in mind: first, video is the most graphic-intensive thing you could do with a computer. Secondly, video files take up much hard drive space and require enough RAM to handle video. When I would give them a quote for a computer, I would hear..." I saw a computer for x-amount; why are yours more expensive?" My next question would be what this advertised computer contains regarding motherboard, processor, video card, RAM, hard drive size, and what type of monitor. The answer usually was, "I'm not sure."

I mention all of this so you can remember the above when selecting a computer or laptop.  You can view the various computers, laptops, and portable devices, knowing that if I were looking to purchase, I'd be comfortable purchasing any of these.


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