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Learn to use Google Earth Pro and Google My Maps to Tell a Story

This .html-based lesson will teach you how to use Google Maps Pro and Google My Maps to tell a story. Teachers and students will learn how to add locations, include descriptions, and create tours related to the story they want to tell. 

Boston Tea Party

This lesson will take you through events that led to the Boston Tea Party. While viewing this lesson, you will be able to listen to the material (simply click the audio button).

5 Themes of Geography Project

The idea here is to have your students construct a glog to give clues as to where in the world they are hiding. In this project, you’ll be using Glogster ( to have students construct their presentations. With their glog, they will use the 5 Themes of Geography (Location, Places, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, and Regions) as a way of providing other students hints to where they are located.

This compressed file contains 5 Themes of Geography Definitions, Glogster Instructions, Teacher's Guide, Rubric, and sample template for project in both .pdf and .docx formats.


HyperStudio is a multi-media creation application that has been around since the early days of the Apple IIGS. It is still a great program to create mult-media projects. After completing the 65 steps in this guide, you'll be well on your way to creating your first stack. Over the years, I've seen students take off with the program after completing these steps.

Customized Videos - Back to School

Looking for a video to show your students and parents as you enter a new school year? Working with you, a customized designed Back-to-School video will be made for you. Just fill in the blanks and send us your picture and the rest will be taken care and the finished video will be sent to you.

*Bonus offer - order now and get any needed revisions free for a year!

Tutoring Ad

As a teacher, do you offer tutoring services as an additional service? Or perhaps you offer tutoring services as a full-time service. You can use a customized video to advertise your services.  Here is an example of how this video can be customized specifically for you.


Let's Work Together On Your Project

Nothing is worse than attempting to bring new ideas into your classroom and not being heard when seeking assistance. The crucial part is to clearly understand what you're looking for in the first meeting, in person or by video conference. Make sure you are being heard and not just offered some cookie-cutter approach. And remember, your first meeting is free!

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