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Learn to use Google Earth Pro and Google My Maps to Tell a Story

This .html-based lesson will teach you how to use Google Maps Pro and Google My Maps to tell a story. Teachers and students will learn how to add locations, include descriptions, and create tours related to the story they want to tell. 

25 Geography Terms

Join Casper, Alex, Lydia, Sam, and Mikey as they explain 25 geography terms. This 25-minute lesson will teach students important geographical terms that they will need to know. You can watch the entire video or use the table of contents to select a specific term. This is a compressed file, once unzipped select the Geography Terms.html to launch.

5 Themes of Geography Project

The idea here is to have your students construct a glog to give clues as to where in the world they are hiding. In this project, you’ll be using Glogster ( to have students construct their presentations. With their glog, they will use the 5 Themes of Geography (Location, Places, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, and Regions) as a way of providing other students hints to where they are located.

This compressed file contains 5 Themes of Geography Definitions, Glogster Instructions, Teacher's Guide, Rubric, and sample template for project in both .pdf and .docx formats.

Name the States

How well do you know the states? This compressed file, when opened, contains a folder. Open the folder and click on the index file (.html5) to get started. This folder can be uploaded to your current website or played as a stand-alone app. The idea is to try to name the state before clicking on it. Once clicked, you will get information on the state and a link to Nat Geo for Kids, where you can learn more about the state. You can use this to help you remember the state or use the helpful link if you are researching a particular state.


Let's Work Together On Your Project

Nothing is worse than attempting to bring new ideas into your classroom and not being heard when seeking assistance. The crucial part is to clearly understand what you're looking for in the first meeting, in person or by video conference. Make sure you are being heard and not just offered some cookie-cutter approach. And remember, your first meeting is free!

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